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SMTP servers are the backbone of business communication. They allow employees to communicate with one another and with customers, which means that it’s essential that the servers run consistently and without errors.

When you encounter SMTP problems and errors, there are a few things that you can do to troubleshoot the problems even when your SMTP servers are hosted by a web hosting company where you might have limited access to troubleshooting

1. Bounceback Messages

If you were able to successfully send your email but it was returned to you, then the error you’re experiencing is referred to as a bounceback.

Inside of the returned email, there should generally be an error that tells you what went wrong. Poor reputation errors or “recipient does not exist” errors are likely impossible to fix on your own.

If the errors appear intermittently, then you should contact your web host’s support. You may need help configuring DomainKeys or an SPF record to ensure that your emails can be sent without issues.

2. Unable to Receive Emails

Errors where you can’t receive emails from your SMTP server tend to fall within your realm of fixing.

You should check to ensure that your user name is correct, that you have the correct ports entered, that you have the right host address, and that you’re using the right mail protocol. These points are the most common culprits when it comes to this specific SMTP problem.

If your issues are anything else, then it’s likely that you should contact your support team. The issue could be anything, which includes an improperly configured SMTP server.

3. Unable to Send Emails

Problems when sending emails have a similar troubleshooting checklist to receiving emails.

Even if you can receive emails, check your authentication details twice to ensure that you have the proper protocols, ports and other features that may be required to send emails using your SMTP server. Advanced settings like outgoing SMTP authentication tend to be the reason this error occurs.

If your troubleshooting doesn’t fix your problems, then you should contact the people in charge of your SMTP server. There may be a problem that has to be fixed within the server to enable sending emails.